The Healing Hunter


Hello and welcome 


Series 4 We can't go out, so let's go within. 

Interviewing people on how they remain happy and calm, and manage to find peace in themselves in these times. 


Alternative Healing Therapies fascinate me. I love meeting healers and experiencing their techniques.


Living in London I have found a vast subculture of natural healing therapies.  Filming this work opens up the possibility of making 'healing' and 'alternative therapy' a little bit more familiar.


You can see what happens to me in each session. If you live in London and you are interested in receiving a treatment you can contact the healers. Details are below each episode. 


A few answers to questions:


Do I have a physical complication in need of healing?

No, I am healthy and happy but am always seeking more peace, joy, and balance. I find these healing practices to be a form of self-love and deep relaxation. Also, in some cases, a way of seeing myself more clearly which is beneficial if I wish to make a change in my life. 


Am I a medical practitioner offering advice?

No, I definitely am not. I am simply experiencing these healing styles and recording my personal experience and response to the technique. With all healing therapies, the experience is different for everyone so I can only comment on what happens to me.


Why have I made this?
Mainly to do what I love. I love exploring the world 'feelings first'. I love working with different people to see what effect their technique has on me. I 
see these healers as artists whom instead of using canvas and paint as their medium, work with energy. Their work is as unique as they are. I just feel so good every time we make an episode!